Key opportunities

Vision for Clean Growth 

The Vision for Clean Growth was adopted in 2021 and has aspirations for the Enterprise Zone and immediate area to be a zero carbon leader: “for new development to be zero carbon and for the region to take proactive steps to address emissions from legacy sectors… to provide leadership and new business opportunities in ‘hard to de-carbonise sectors’ where innovation is vital and where we have world-leading strengths – sustainable aviation, decarbonisation of transport, greener buildings, smart grids and environmental risk and finance”. 

A Clean Growth Vision for the West of East Devon – Vision Strategy and Anchor Opportunities.pdf 

The vision identifies the area in and surrounding our Enterprise Zone as ‘uniquely placed to lead’: “Bringing together unique knowledge assets, world-leading environmental expertise, an airport committed to sustainable aviation, opportunities for retrofit and sustainable development, and industry-leading technology pilots, our area offers a rare combination of assets and innovative spirit that make it ideal as a demonstrator for whole-system change.” 

The Vision for Clean Growth is based on four key themes: 

Greener Buildings

Significant skills and systems opportunity  

Potential to contribute to 50,000 new UK jobs by 2030  

£11bn opportunity 

Smart Grids

£67bn global market opportunity  

Exceptional research specialisms  

Leading assets and international projects 

C Theo Moye

Future Flight

Future-proofing a £12bn sector for the UK Economy 

Potential to contribute to 5,200 UK jobs 

Green Finance

Exceptional local expertise in climate risk forecasting  

World-leading business school and sustainable MBA 

Hand holding acorns. Photo credit: Jenny Steer