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To highlight the extensive range of businesses that operate in the Enterprise Zone, we feature case studies from our four sites at Cranbrook town centre, Exeter Science Park, Skypark and near Power Park.

From Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine (STEMM) businesses at Exeter Science Park, housing associations, tech, distribution, manufacturing and units for small businesses at Skypark, a range of options at Power Park to retail and community businesses at Cranbrook town centre, the case studies show we have something to suit all business types.

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    Exeter Science Park

    Treeconomics works with local authorities and estate managers around the UK to help them realise the value of their trees, and manage their treescapes strategically; from as few as 10 trees, to a whole city or district. Trees do so much for us – they absorb carbon from the atmosphere; they filter pollution from the […]

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