Cranbrook is a pioneering new town built to accommodate the growing population of Exeter and East Devon. There are already more than 6,000 residents, a train station providing direct links to both Exeter and London. The Cranberry Farm pub serves as a central hub for community events.

Community is at the heart of Cranbrook development, with young families flocking to the town to take advantage of affordable properties, proximity to high value employment opportunities and plenty of green space to explore.

The town centre is currently under construction and will provide Cranbrook with a vibrant retail and social offer. A public consultation where residents shared their views on how the town centre should develop, has now closed.

Your town centre

The first shops, the beginning of a town square and a Morrisons supermarket are being built and should be finished by Spring 2024. There will be more to come. East Devon District Council (EDDC) has recently bought 3.85 acres of land next to the supermarket and will receive more from the developers shortly. This will make it easier to agree what happens next and start the next phase of the town centre development.

There are already commitments from Devon County Council to build a youth centre, children’s centre and library. The Town Council is aiming to develop a community building which will also house the town council offices. A leisure centre is included the EDDC Leisure Strategy though they still have to find additional funds. And while there are plans for a Health and Wellbeing Hub and a Fire Station, there is some way to go to finalise how these will happen.

What happens next

None of this will happen overnight. The town centre masterplan needs to be finalised; the rest of the money needs to be found;  planning permissions have to be agreed and then the work needs to be contracted and the new facilities actually built.

What else

Your town centre will need more than just those things to make sure it provides what a town the size of Cranbrook needs. Thank you for your views on other important facilities you would like to see and the kind of town centre you want.

We want to make sure that local people are kept informed about progress. In due course, you will be able to see the headline results from the survey. You will be able to hear about the masterplanning process and you will be able to find out about what the plans are for the different elements of the town centre.

Cranbrook town centre. (c) Still Imaging